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Current Project: CODE7

This site was created and is maintained by Ben H Please e-mail me, I'm very lonely

It must be a few years since i've touched this site, or even made any *complete* games either

However, work has started on a a couple of new projects, one being a spoof RPG: 'Jokemon', and the other a more conventional adventure game, CODE7

All games on this site were created using Adventure Game Studio, by Chris Jones

Older project:Compensation

Various means of distruction :)

Compensation is a game I made a while back, but got very little feedback from. You play as Brad, a poor guy, in his latest attempt at a get rich quick scheme. He plans to get rich by hurting himself with as many things as possible, and then claim the compensation. I chose to use stick people, not to copy 'Stickmen', but because all the violence is easier to animate, and more comical as sticks.

To download the zip file, click here .

Older games

There's still a couple of my very first experimental games up for download on a page which i kept from my old site

You can check those out here .

Also, for you're pleasure, I have uploaded the sierra classic; Leisure Suit Larry to download here

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